The South Pacific nations recently agreed to stop bottom trawling to protect corals and other marine life. Bottom trawling is a fishing method where boats tow heavy trawl nets along the sea

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Tailings dam controversy: Chile's General Directorate of Waters has decided to challenge a recent ruling of Santiago Appeals Court related to tailings mine. The court had revoked authorisation of

Residents of northern Chile are appealing that a tailings dam project, which is now almost halfway complete, be halted. Once completed, it would be the third largest tailings dam in the world and

Following years of criticism of the environmental and labour impacts of the salmon industry in Chile, several local ngos and trade unions have joined hands to set up a new body to monitor the

The accelerated growth of finfish aquaculture has resulted in a series of developments detrimental to the environment and human health. The latter is illustrated by the widespread and unrestricted use of prophylactic antibiotics in this industry, especially in developing countries, to forestall bacterial infections resulting from sanitary shortcomings in fish rearing.

The high level of air pollution in Santiago, the Chilean capital, recently forced local authorities to declare an environment emergency. RELATED STORY

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1975: Rasheed Jamshed becomes the first markhor trophy hunter

1983: A trophy hunting scheme is formally launched. Foreign hunters invited

1990: Germany and the UK move a case at CITES to ban export of markhor trophy to prevent its poaching and extinction. Pakistan says the fears are unfounded. CITES puts markhor in Appendex-1. Trophy hunting halts

1992: NWFP government prepares conservation plan with communities

APEC s new trade initiative