Overzealous conservationists block progress at CITES meet
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A United Nations report highlights the connection between environment and health

A salmon farm and several birds were adversely affected in Chile following an oil slick in a southern water inlet. The oil slick took place after a tanker ran aground spilling 350,528 litres of crude

Diminishing concessions in federal government-controlled forests in the United States are forcing pulp and paper companies to look for greener pastures outside the us. Such is the case of Boise

catalytic converter plant: UK-based Johnson Mathey has recently entered into an agreement with Calcutta's Arora Group for setting up a catalytic converter plant in Delhi. The company would

A sustained 30-year old battle has resulted in the tired but indefatigable Chileans claiming a resounding victory over the Mediterranean fruitfly which caused so much damage to the Chilean

The Chilean government is in the line of fire. It is being accused by local environmentalist groups of hold- ing up a private project aimed to save a vast tract of the virgin rainforests, only

A LARGE number of dead whales were found washed up by whale scientist Roger Payne in Patagonia, Chile. The cause of death was apparently skin infections. The mysterious human-AIDS-like plague, which