This study provides insights to some of the key functions of the Integrated Child Development Scheme and health services in the management of childhood under-nutrition in six key empowered action group states. It explores the underlying process and determinants of under-nutrition and the manner in which these two key services are playing out their role and scope in contributing to the management. Despite the recent emphases on management of under-nutrition, the health services are yet to respond to the enormous challenges in a signifi cant manner.

Analysis of poverty and its dimensions are various as the ways in which poverty affects the daily sustenance of the poor. Poverty, many a times is simply viewed as an issue of income. What poverty means for the poor is a wide range of dynamic aspects. This paper presents results of analysis that emanate from Participatory Poverty Assessment (PPA) which was conducted in Sohenkhera village, Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan. Using a mixture of qualitative and quantitative methods, entire households of the village were covered for the study.

When we consider that expenditure on medicines in India accounts for 50% to 80% of treatment costs, India’s pharmaceutical success has clearly not translated into availability or affordability of medicines for all. As part of Universal Access to Healthcare, good quality healthcare should be accessible, affordable, and available to all in need.

New department to look after Haj Committee, Madarasa Board

Nod for big cement plant at Nimbhakhera in Chittorgarh

Land also cleared for vocational training institute at Laxmangarh

JAIPUR: The Rajasthan Cabinet on Wednesday cleared land for three information technology companies near here and approved setting up of a big cement plant at Nimbhakhera in Chittorgarh district.

Malaria cases continue to rise in the western districts of the state. The number of cases recorded in three western districts was around 11,000 till last week, half of the total cases of 22,000 reported so far in the state.
"This year the number of cases reported in the state have increased due to heavy rain in the western districts.

Jaipur: The swine flu menace continued its upward march in the state with 31 new cases being detected on Monday. The total number of H1N1 positive cases now stands at 448.
According to director, medical and health OP Gupta, no death has been reported in the state on Monday.

Villagers of Bajesar, Nimbada and Dungla

Chittorgarh shows the way to affordable healthcare

Water scarcity is increasing day by day in Chittaurgarh district. Groundwater level is falling at a high rate. 12 percent of the hand-pumps have been completely dried out.

As the phase of implementation of the law approaches, there is palpable unease among the tribal populations. At Pipalkhura, forest Department personnel destroyed tribal homes and took away their belongings. THE road to Pipalkhura is long, rocky and dusty. Across a parched, hilly landscape occasionally broken by a village, farm or bazaar, we make our way to this remote village in Madhya Pradesh. Suddenly, we see a cluster of white tents breaking out of the brown earth