The potential for domestic biogas is enormous in Cambodia with 1 million households that have sufficient livestock to feed for the smallest biogas digester. Biogas could therefore help to address HAP in Cambodia to millions of rural inhabitants.

Fossil-fuel burning for cooking purposes accounts for 12% of PM2.5 pollution in Delhi, traditional stoves produce soot that can cause asthma

A number of public health catastrophes - arising largely out of environmental reasons — are staring the people of India in the face.

GAURIBIDANUR (CHIKKABALLAPUR DISTRICT): Until last month, Thimmakka had to blow her lungs out even to make a cup of coffee. And this had been her ritual for 40 years now. Not any more.

Nov 26 Applying 17 proven national low-carbon strategies globally could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent by 2030, according to a study by the Finnish think tank Sitra.

This paper presents an overview of current household energy trends in Africa, and the reasons why access to modern cooking facilities remains so low.

Only a fifth of rural households in India have access to an LPG connection and 95% of rural households use some form of traditional fuel for cooking, the largest energy access survey in

Of the 3.3 million premature deaths worldwide in 2010 caused by outdoor air pollution, about 0.65 million deaths took place in India.

In 2015, global leaders aspire to adopt the Sustainable Development Goals, a financing framework to support them, and a framework agreement on climate change. Youth engagement throughout the design and implementation process is critical for success.

Existing carbon offset protocols for improved cookstoves do not require emissions testing. They are based only on estimated reductions in the use of non-renewable biomass generated by a given stove, and use simplistic calculations to convert those fuel savings to imputed emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2). Yet recent research has shown that different cookstoves vary tremendously in their combustion quality, and thus in their emissions profiles of both CO2 and other products of incomplete combustion.