The government has postponed the schedule of coal mines to be allotted for commercial mining and will shortly come out with a modified one.

Data transparency is key to accounting for how local governments and the private sector are contributing to global emissions reduction, say Angel Hsu and colleagues.

Almost $1tn of investment in new coal-fired power stations could be wasted if growing concerns about climate change and air pollution leave the plants unused, according to a new report.

Claims that Asia is on the verge of a huge expansion in coal burning for electricity generation are incorrect, says a report.

Coal plants are draining an already dwindling global water supply, consuming enough to meet the basic needs of one billion people and deepening a worldwide crisis.

This comes after its appointment as mining development operator was struck down by both the states

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on Illegal coal mining, 14/12/2015. Cases of illegal mining are detected predominantly in the eastern region, mainly in the States of Jharkhand, covering Bharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL), Central Coalfield Limited (CCL) and Eastern Coalfield Limited (ECL) and West Bengal covering ECL and BCCL. List of such illegal mining sites of ECL, BCCL and CCL is enclosed as annexure.

This report presents a bottom-up inventory of subsidies to the Chinese coal industry. It starts with a snapshot of the different methodologies available for subsidy evaluation and then describes the identified subsidies to coal producers.

Following the Supreme Court judgement of 2014 cancelling the allocation of more than 200 captive coal blocks, the government quickly brought in legislation and began the process of their reallocation. While the new allocation framework is an improvement over the previous regime, it suffers from many potentially serious shortcomings.

In the past few decades, China has experienced rapid growth in coal power, leading to the country’s increased CO2 emissions, which reached 8.25 billion tons in 2012 (IEA).