The us ban on exports of shrimp from India reflects a myopic approach and is likely to rebound when India takes the case to the World Trade Organization

A water-borne disease known as

FOR hundreds of shrimp farmers facing unemployment and starvation due to the outbreak of a deadly shrimp disease, there is still some hope. According to experts of the Marine Products Exports

The booming prawn industry in Sri Lanka has Worried environmentalists. They fear that mangroves will be destroyed to make way for prawn farms and that prime land will be encroached

Prawn farming, touted as a high-value investment, appears to be generating controversies all over the country. In Tamil Nadu's coastal Quid-e-Millat district, it has become a flashpoint for violent

The local fishing community around Chilika continues being terrorised by a mafia bent on silencing popular discontent against the infiltration of outsiders out to mint gold by farming prawn in the

A committee set up by the Bhubaneswar High Court has confirmed that mafias control the prawn trade in Orissa's Chilika lake.

Scientists in Bangalore have identified the protein that makes people allergic to the meat of shrimps, crabs and prawns. Now they will be able to develop vaccines against the allergy.

Kerala's coast has become a battleground between traditional and mechanised fishing communities, jeopardising the marine ecosystem.

Chief minister Biju Patnaik's attempt to wriggle off the Chilika prawn project hook has left him impaled even more firmly. The onus of proving the Chilika Aquatic Farm Ltd (CAFL) project is