The battle of us shrimpers against Indian and Thai imports is not yet over. On April 25, 2005, the us International Trade Commission (itc) voted for reviewing its decision to impose

India protests US anti dumping duties in WTO

Anti-dumping duties will hit shrimp exports to the us from India and three other countries

The us Department of Commerce has postponed the date for announcing the dumping margin on Indian shrimp imports from June 8 to July 28. The 50-day deferment is likely to hit the Indian shrimp

better chick-pea variety: Scientists from New Delhi-based Indian Agricultural Research Institute have developed a drought-resistant variety of chick-pea. The variety, Pusa-1053, has a yield of about

Mired in misery, Chilika s fisherfolk continue to doggedly fight for their rights

The us is targeting shrimp imports, with its commerce department filing an anti-dumping petition against six countries including India. As a counter-measure, the Seafood Exporters Association of

Indian shrimp exports could possibly face anti-dumping duties in the us if the us Department of Commerce and the us International Trading Commission agree with a trade complaint filed by the

Here s an interesting way to combat environmental and human rights impacts: don t annoy the consumers who have no idea about the conditions in which something they buy are produced ; merely inform them. On December 19, 2003 UK based environmental group E

following the detection of antibiotic residues in shrimps exported from India in 2002, the government seems to be making a concerted effort to rectify the situation. The Marine Products Export