Bangladesh-based non-government organisation BRAC has been selected for a $ 1.0 million worth global award for replicating one of its health projects for slum dwellers in Africa.

Dhaka had recently experienced rapid conversion of its motor vehicle fleet to run on compressed natural gas (CNG). This paper quantifies ex-post the air quality and climate benefits of the CNG conversion policy, including monetary valuations, through an impact pathway approach. Around 2045 (1665) avoided premature deaths in greater Dhaka (City Corporation) can be attributed to air quality improvements from the CNG conversion policy in 2010, resulting in a saving of around USD 400 million. Majority of these health benefits resulted from the conversion of high-emitting diesel vehicles.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved US$ 250 million assistance to a project of Dhaka WASA to bring 50 crore litres of water per day from Meghna River to reduce its dependency on groundwat

Bangladesh and its capital Dhaka have been listed as the 'most vulnerable' to climate change among 193 countries, and 50 cities across the world by Maplecroft, a leading environmental institution b

Dhaka and New Delhi are likely to begin high-level talks in November on possibilities of producing hydro-electricity in the Indian state of of Arunachal by a joint investment and power transmission

India is among the ‘extreme risk’ countries where economic impacts of climate change will be most felt by 2025, according to a report.

India is among the "extreme risk" countries of the world where economic impacts of climate change will be most keenly felt by 2025, according to Climate Change and Environmental Risk Atlas 2014 published by Maplecroft.
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Almost 11 million people in Bangladesh will benefit from a project loan to improve the water quality and bring new supplies to the capital city of Dhaka, the Asian Development Bank said.

Over 90 per cent high-rise buildings were erected in the capital city and the adjoining areas without caring to take mandatory clearance from the Department of Environment, said DoE officials.

The Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority is planning to initiate Saidabad Water Treatment Plant Phase III in a bid to reduce dependency on ground water.