ADB will provide $250 million for a project of Dhaka WASA to develop an environmentally sustainable water supply system in the city.

The Asian development Bank (ADB) will provide $ 250 million to Bangladesh for ‘Dhaka Environmentally Sustainable Water Supply’ to increase supply of surface water in the capital, reports UNB.

Five years ago, the High Court ordered the government to dredge and clean the four rivers around Dhaka and remove illegal structures from their banks, in efforts to save these lifelines of the capi

The number of diarrhoea patients in Dhaka has seen a huge spike in recent days, with at least fifteen people reportedly dying from diarrhoeal diseases during the past five weeks alone.

A UN panel will on Monday come out with its much-awaited report, assessing region-specific impact of climate change on human settlements and natural resources including drinking water and food-grai

Dhaka Water and Sewerage Authority (Dwasa) and Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP), a non-government organisation, has signed a deal, aiming to provide legal water connections and sewera

It’s impossible to prevent natural disasters completely but, their mitigation and adaptation are possible through accurate and timely forecasts

The cabinet is likely to approve today (Monday) formation of two mass transport companies under cent per cent government ownership, to launch first of its kind high-passenger-capacity transport sys

Singapore on Wednesday topped an international survey of the best cities in Asia for expatriates while the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka was named the worst.

The Asian Development Bank is set to provide a loan of $310 million to enhance the country's power supply system and reduce power outages and shortages.