The managing director of Dhaka Wasa yesterday said all slum dwellers in the capital would be provided with the amenity of legal water supply by this December.

This paper attempts to identify a strategy for improving collaboration between stakeholders working in Dhaka city to improve climate change resilience of the urban water and sanitation (WATSAN) sector, with a focus on the urban poor.

Most studies of the causes of diarrhoea in low-income and middle-income countries have looked at severe disease in people presenting for care, and there are few estimates of pathogen-specific diarrhoea burdens in the community. The researchers undertook a birth cohort study with not only intensive community surveillance for diarrhoea but also routine collection of non-diarrhoeal stools from eight sites in South America, Africa, and Asia.

The sensitivity of mosquito vector and dengue virus biology to diurnal temperature variability has been established, but this study is the first analyzing these relations with dengue occurrence. We show that Dhaka’s tropical hot monsoon climate and small variation in daily temperature enhance dengue transmission one month later. Large-scale climatic events like El Niño-Southern Oscillation and increasing population density of Dhaka also increase incidence.

The deputy commissioner (DC) of Dhaka district has decided to form a task force of concerned government authorities to protect against environmental pollution, especially water pollution, air pollu

A partnership between New Delhi and Dhaka to save the rare ecosystem of the Sundarbans and that agreement should be signed in a boat — that was Union Minister Suresh Prabhu’s suggestion as Environm

The government should formulate a policy for bettering water and sanitation services in slums and coordinating relevant non-government organisations' activities, speakers told a workshop yesterday.

The sheer scale of the resources used to make everyday products such as coffee and T-shirts – often in parts of the world where the environment is under strain – is laid bare in a new report, showi

Acute diarrhoea is on the loose in the capital and its outskirts.

Korean company Kunhwa Engineering will rehabilitate and expand 376 kilometres of water pipelines for Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority.