A premature death seems in store for the "cradle baby scheme" launched with much fanfare by Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalitha last October, following reports of female infanticide in Salem.

NESTLE seems to have perfected the fine art of profiting at another's expense. Its infant food substitutes have been a known cause of diarrhoea and death among year-old babies. Now, the company

Scientists have said they had identified the toxin in a species of mushroom that killed seven people in Japan in recent years.

In an article published in Nature Chemical Biology on Monday, the researchers said they isolated the poisonous compound in the mushroom, Russula subnigricans, and confirmed its toxicity by feeding it to mice.

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Researchers have come up with a new medication for diarrhoea

A study in rural Bangladesh has found victims of watery diarrhoea treated with rice-based oral rehydration solution (rice-ORS) recover faster and require fewer hospitalisations than those treated