The US energy plan eulogises France as a safe nuclear success story, without understanding the French failure in managing nuclear waste

Nissan Motors Corporation and Renault SA of France have decided

The long-standing record for electricity produced by solar cells made from cadmium telluride has been broken by researchers working at the US department of energy's National Renewable Energy

Rajasthan s so called solar power project

Electricity prices in California are drastically increased to tackle the energy crisis

the French government's plan to introduce ecological tax reforms got a serious blow on December 28, 2000, when the country's constitutional court rejected a planned industrial energy tax. The

A UK-based company has developed a lantern which can provide cheap, reliable, ecologically friendly power. The Glowstar lantern, developed

They may not seem like much today, but only a fool will undermine the potential of fuel cells

Narrow business interests and an apathetic political leadership will never allow fuel cells to take off

In which we trace where the world stands with fuel cells and some clear signals of the technology to come