IN ONE section of the university building where I teach, there is an enormous and motley collection of discarded computer-related items, stacked and piled in an unwieldy mess.


Seven companies have engineered environmental solutions that negate the need for most--or in some cases all--uses of brominated and chlorinated chemicals in consumer electronics, according to a new report.

The manufacturing of electronic and electrical equipment (EEE) is a major demand sector for precious and special metals with a strong growth potential. Both precious and special metals are contained in complex components with only small concentrations per unit.

Shyam Ranganathan

AHMEDABAD: If you had a drainage block, water logging problems, cave-ins or a storm water drain burst in your area this monsoon, just lodge your complaint to the SMS' complaint redressal Jansuvidha' system and expect a speedy response. The system was first introduced in the new west zone followed by the south zone in recent months and would now be extended to the entire city from Monday next.

K. Venkateshwarlu

HYDERABAD: The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is planning to extend its popular

Modern refrigerants designed to protect the ozone layer are poised to become a major contributor to global warming because of their future explosive growth in the developing world, scientists report this week.

London, June 22: Water conservation usually takes a backseat while doing laundry, but not anymore, for now a new environmentally friendly washing machine, which uses use only one cup of water and leaves clothes virtually dry, is all set to hit showrooms in 2010.

NEW DELHI: India on Wednesday extended the ban on import of dairy products from China, banned import of mobile phones that lack unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number from China and also banned import of toys that do not adhere to international safety standards for all the countries.