Hundreds of landless farmers, agricultural workers and labourers from across 20 States assembled at Jantar Mantar here on Tuesday under a joint platform ‘Bhumi Adhikar Andolan’ (Land Rights Movemen

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Mining Policy in Tribal Areas, 30/11/2015. The Constitution of India provides safeguards to the Scheduled Tribes.

Historically, usage and access of forest resources by India’s Adivasi community and other forest dwellers have been considered as encroachment and their efforts of forest land acquisition have been used as evidence of their anti-development attitude.

Organisations like Niyamgiri Surakshya Samity (NSS), Lok Sangram Manch (LSM) and All India Kisan Mazdoor Sabha (AIKMS) have decided to restart organising people’s movement against alleged attempt o

Tribal organisations like Niyamgiri Suraksha Samity (NSS) and Lok Sangram Manch (LSM) are opposed to efforts of the Odisha government to start bauxite mining from Karlapat mines to save alumina ref

India is embarking on a national campaign to help millions of indigenous people protect their forest land and resources using a seven-year-old landmark law that has gone largely ignored, the countr

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on states lagging in implementing FRA 2006, 12/08/2015.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Development of Forest Villages, 11/08/2015. The forest dwellers including tribals play an important role in the protection, conservation and development of forest.

The Himachal Niti Abhiyan, an NGO, has appealed to the state government to implement the Forest Rights Act, 2006.

The statement of the tribal affairs ministry is contrary to its position stated repeatedly over the past year