As government starts drafting land rights bill for tribals

What happens when it is discovered that two departments of the government, namely the Forest Department and the Revenue Department,have committed grave errors in discharging their duties, especially when the error has led to the denial of certain sonstitutional rights to lakhs of people?

Uncontacted Ayoreo Indians in Paraguay's forests, whose native land has been snatched away by landholding companies, may soon find a respite. A bill to forcibly expropriate the land from the

June 30, 2004: The India Eco Development Project a project meant to enhance the country s biodiversity and provide people living inside and around protected areas such as national parks and reserves with sustainable livelihoods; a project once showcas

Orissa s forest groups want candidates to be answerable

Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Madhya Pradesh chief minister Digvijay Singh are playing the blame game over the settlement of tribal communities claims to forestland

MFP management in TN tribals hands

The condition of India’s forest and her forest dwellers is extremely grave. A fresh round of police attacks on tribal people

Two recent developments augur well for the forest dwellers of Madhya Pradesh. Firstly, under the Joint Forest Management plan, forest protection committees in villages will now receive all revenue collected from selling timber and bamboo. And secondly, th

Secretive. Exploitative. Is the market in Minor Forest Produce unmanageable? sopan joshi finds out