The data is rudimentary. The analysis is poor. And is kept secret

The death of India s cancer control programme and the rise of cancers

A recent conference proves to be a self revelation of sorts for the wildlife bureaucracy. It admits that protected area management in India is not making any headway

The Madhya Pradesh government has recently sent a letter to the Prime Minister seeking changes in the Forest Conservation Act, 1980. The principal secretary, forests, Madhya Pradesh government, Sudeep Banerjee , spoke to

It is important to note that India

Pauri Garwhal became ghost territory as villagers and the forest department virtually ignored unprecedented forest fires

The Bhairu Lok Abhyaranya Dakav in Bhanwta, near Sariska, Rajasthan, is a sanctuary with a difference. It is a sanctuary declared, protected and managed by the people. "We call it the sonchidi, since

Our syllabi (for training forest officials) still have manuals written during the Raj S K Mukherjee Acting director, Wildlife Institute, Dehradun Why do you still train foresters in horseriding

A walkathon through 5 states traverses through a rich crop of traditional conservation methods and a thicket of disputes

In the face of severe criticism by Union environment minister Kamal Nath, among others, the Madhya Pradesh government has agreed to defer implementation of its new "nistar policy." The controversial