The concept of family planning control dates back to the ancient Greeks. Though many scientific advances have been made in the field since then, a solution to the global population crisis is still not in sight.

Cancun (Mexico): India and China will account for most of the growth in demand for oil this year, which is expected to rise by 900,000 barrels per day, even as oil exporters

Lignite power plants belch dust and smoke into the air above the southern Greek town of Megalopolis, but residents resistant to environmental arguments have blocked a scheme to build the country's biggest solar energy project on a nearby hillside.

In the last week of August, eight cars rolled triumphantly into Athens, having driven across Europe from London in a cloud of dust and cooking smells. The 3,000-km car rally ran on oil, recycled from used cooking oil collected from restaurants, service stations, hospitals, even

The European Commission (ec) recently issued a second formal warning to Slovenia to implement European Union rules on the prevention of sea pollution. In case of further non-compliance, ec threatened to drag the East European country to the court of the European Communities in Luxembourg.

New research suggests that diminished pain perception may be a symptom of hypertension. Using mechanical, electrical and temperature stimulation, Christopher France, a psychologist at Ohio University

sekap, the Greek cooperative cigarette manufacturing company, has developed a cigarette filter which it claims will drastically reduce adverse effects of smoking. George Delikonstantinos, one