Greece could save billions of euros by 2050 by capturing and storing greenhouse gases from its coal-dependent economy, assuming a surge in penalties for emitting carbon, an environmental group said on Wednesday.

Norwegian group Bellona said Greece had good storage potential for greenhouse gases as part of measures to slow climate change, for instance in depleted oilfields in the Aegean Sea and

A tough new smoking ban that goes into effect Wednesday outlaws lighting up in all public indoor areas and prohibits most tobacco advertising. But how effective it will be is an open question. Greece

As confirmed recently by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, climate change already exists with wide ranging consequences. Europe is as affected as all other regions of the world. Management responses

Oslo: The ocean depths are home to myriad species of microbes, mostly hard to see but including spaghetti-like bacteria that form whitish mats the size of Greece on the floor of the Pacific, scientists said.

Pallavi Aiyar / Brussels April 20, 2010, 1:26 IST

Vital talks between Greek officials, the European Union, International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank were put off due to the havoc wreaked by Eyjafjallajokul

NEW DELHI: Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou on Friday emphasised that the world must agree on a legally-binding deal at the next major U.N. climate talks in Mexico at the end of the year.

Several studies show an association between exposure to aircraft or road traffic noise and cardiovascular effects, which may be mediated by a noise-induced release of stress hormones. The objective of this study was to assess saliva cortisol concentration in relation to exposure to aircraft noise.

FAT in the liver is the new marker for obesity-related complications such as diabetes, heart diseases and strokes. People trying to reduce belly fat to avoid these diseases will have to rethink their lifestyle. The finding is good news for metabolic scientists who have hypothesized for long that liver fat is the most important metabolic disruptor of the body but there were

A sharply divided European Union failed Tuesday to protect the threatened bluefin tuna, as Mediterranean nations refused to back even a temporary ban on catching the fish prized by sushi aficionados. The bloc

Wildfires that tore through suburbs of Athens and forced thousands of people to flee their homes were contained on Tuesday as the government's handling of the disaster became an election issue.