New Delhi: About 27 million households — constituting 11% of the total households in the country — are headed by females.

Half (49.9 per cent) of the houses in Punjab are good condition living quarters, revealed the data of the Census Directorate which was released today.

Sales of energy-efficient products are too low if they are on track to meet expected 2020 energy saving targets according to UK think tank the Green Alliance.

The recent hike in power tariffs announced by the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission has hit the average consumer the hardest.

To understand the impact that the tariff hike will have on the aam aadmi , here is an illustration.A consumer who uses a modest 250 units of power, which means a cooler for six hours, apart from a few light bulbs, fans, electric iron, television, motor pump and a refrigerator every day will see a whopping 53 per cent jump in the monthly power bill from July 1.

UK homes are consuming much more electricity than previously estimated, a report described as the most detailed of its kind has suggested.

Pune The Bureau of Energy Efficiency ( BEE) has decided to upgrade the requirements for star ratings of split type room air conditioners.

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) announced Thursday that central government-funded expenditures on energy savings and emission reductions as well as on renewable energies development will total 97.9 b

China will provide financial subsidies of 26.5 billion yuan ($4.2 billion) to stimulate the consumption of energy-saving products, mainly automobiles and household appliances, said the State Counci

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency plans to add more products under the mandatory energy efficiency labelling drive bringing in water heaters, direct cool refrigerators and television sets.

With the rules for proper disposal and recycling of electronic waste to come into force from May 1, the Tamil Nadu Government has in place the systems and processes, according to the Environment Mi