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Over 40 percent of Britain's carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, the main greenhouse gas causing climate change, come from the energy we use at home and in traveling.

As politicians gear up for more climate change talks later this month in New York, changing people's attitudes toward energy consumption could be key in reducing emissions.

India will make energy efficiency ratings a must for electric appliances, including airconditioners and refrigerators, from January, stepping up domestic efforts to fight climate change, officials said.

Urbanisation in India is both a necessary input and an inevitable consequence of growth. However, we must accept that the existing urbanisation models are unsustainable at the Indian scale and there is no available alternative trajectory.

The environment won a temporary reprieve in the recession as Americans slammed the brakes on one of their favorite pastimes: consuming stuff.

But while the austerity brought by a battered economy has cut pollution, it has also hit investment in green technology, which could damage the environment in the longer term, experts say.

China aims to save 75 terawatt hours of power per year, the equivalent of 75 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, by promoting energy-efficient air-conditioners and other home appliances.

The government plans to raise the market shares of such appliances to over 30 percent by 2012 by subsidizing sales, the National Development and Reform Commission said.

This paper outlines the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission trends in the residential and commercial sectors in Japan. The results showed that the increase in residential energy consumption in Japan is mainly caused by the widespread use of heating equipment, hot water supply apparatus, and other household electrical appliances.

Talk about his company's fortunes is likely to elicit a beaming smile from Mahesh Gupta. Kent RO systems' managing director says that his company's profits grew 40 times between 2002-2003 and 2007-2008: from Rs 2.5 crore to Rs 100 crore. Other water purifier manufacturers also say that business is good. Are they making tall claims? Or are they making hay while the sun shines?

Media attention is routine stuff for film star Hema Malini.

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According to industry estimates, 5.2 million households use water purifiers of which about 42 per cent (or 2.1 million households) employs RO. Assuming every household has 5 members;