Taking a tough stand on environmental issues, the Gujarat High Court has directed steelmaker Electrotherm (India) Ltd to close down its manufacturing plant in Kutch district and quashed the environ

To bridge the gap between commuters and Metro stations, eco-friendly electric rickshaw service has been launched in the city.

Honda Motor will provide its core hybrid car technologies to a number of Chinese automakers, eyeing to boost sales in the world's largest car market, a report said Sunday.

Big batteries are weighing down electric vehicles and it’s unlikely that subsidies can lighten that load to make them a viable non-polluting alternative

Soaring fuel costs and its expected scarce availability in the future has led utility vehicle market leader Mahindra & Mahindra to explore opportunities in the unconventional space powering new vehicles, such as sports utility vehicles (SUV) and mini cars.

The Mumbai-based company is simultaneously working on concepts such as full hybrids, battery-powered powertrains, bio-diesel, fuel-cells and hydrogen-powered engines.

Chennai Corporation to tap into alternative energy to light up coastal roads in newly-added areas

Imagine 15-metre towers with micro wind turbines above and four solar panels below vying with huge palm trees to create a geometrically regular pattern along the East Coast Road.

Governments, carmakers and drivers must push for progress in green vehicle technology to help the environment, and global economic woes make it even more important to up the pressure, politician, a

GENEVA: Tata Motors signaled its green drive at the Geneva motor show with a new hybrid, described as the firm's future, even as Western auto giants struggle to get customers to buy such cars.

New Delhi A specialised body for promoting sustainable development of the Indian auto sector, dubbed the National Automotive Board, is likely to be set up by April.

"The proposed National Automotive Board (NAB), which is being finalised by the Department of Heavy Industry, is likely to be cleared by the Cabinet in a month," an official said.

In the 15 years since Toyota introduced the Prius hybrid in Japan, the public’s understanding of how these automotive wonders work their magic has generally ranked right alongside its comprehension