STEVE KLINEBERG, a sociologist at Rice University, mentions a couple of events that made Houston’s leaders take notice of a looming problem.

China has set a target of producing and selling 500,000 energy-efficient and alternative-energy vehicles a year by 2015, and five million vehicles by 2020.

Toyota Motor Corp.

12 mechanical engineering students devise electro hydraulic hybrid vehicle

Vehicles of the future already have several of their tasks cut out: high efficiency levels, use of clean fuel and smart combination of basic engine mechanism are among the most important expectations, if the prototype vehicle models being designed as part of engineering projects are any evidence. In their efforts to design a car that eliminates the use of pollution causing fuels, while retaining high levels of efficiency, 12 final year mechanical engineering students from M.A.R. College of Engineering and Technology, Viralimalai, have devised an electro hydraulic hybrid vehicle (EHHV).

With a top speed of 115 km per hour and weighing 320 kg, the battery operated ‘EVo 1’, India’s first electric race car designed and manufactured by students-cum-automobile enthusiasts from IIT Bomb

A new set of hot wheels from India is set to enter the racing circuit. What’s more, it’s green.

Buildings are experimenting with alternative energy with small wind turbines on rooftops

In the last few weeks, the city has had a respite from its daily burden of two-hour power cuts — wind energy has helped reduce load shedding to one hour a day. Thanks to the huge wind turbines that dot the State's southern coast, much-needed power is supplied to grids. Of late, some buildings in the city have begun to take their own measures to go green. Small wind turbines have cropped up on several rooftops.

AHMEDABAD: In order to make multi-utility spaces in urban areas viable and add to the revenue of civic agencies, Gandhinagar Urban Development Authority (Guda) plans to set up windmill-powered utility centers.

This unique utility centre will act as a bus-stop, have space for advertisement display, a small cafeteria and sitting space. The centre will be powered by a small windmill and a solar panel and will draw little electricity from the main grid.

China's central government plans to spend 170 billion yuan ($27 billion) this year to promote energy conservation, emission reductions and renewable energy, the Ministry of Finance said in a statem

The central government has allocated 6 billion yuan ($949 million) to subsidise consumer purchases of fuel-saving cars, Xinhua News Agency reported late on Wednesday, putting a cumulative figure fo