The Chinese government says it plans to increase the funds available for developing greener technology in the country's automobile industry.

The government will promote the use of hybrid public buses in all the country's cities, extending their promotion beyond the current 25 cities, the Ministry of Finance announced Monday.

India's government has approved a 230 billion rupee ($4.13 billion) plan to spur electric and hybrid vehicle production over the next eight years, setting itself an ambitious target of 6 million ve

The Obama administration issued on Tuesday the final version of new rules that require automakers to nearly double the average fuel economy of new cars and trucks by 2025.

Plans To Pump In 23,000Cr For Infrastructure, Subsidies, Car Finance

New Delhi Telecom firms will make annual energy savings of as much as R10,000 crore over the next eight years if they adopt the Centre’s green telecom directive and phase out diesel consumption by 2020, a report released by an international NGO said on Tuesday.

According to the green directive, service providers have to ensure at least 75% of all telecom towers in rural areas and 33% in urban areas run on hybrid power — a combination of renewable energy and grid power — by 2020.

Access to clean, affordable and reliable energy has been a cornerstone of the world’s increasing prosperity and economic
growth since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Our use of energy in the twenty-first century must also be sustainable. Solar and water-based energy generation, and engineering of microbes to produce biofuels are a few examples of the
alternatives. This Perspective puts these opportunities into a larger context by relating them to a number of aspects in the

With virtually all modes of transport going the hybrid way, here’s news that could make the rickshaw – which is now restricted to a few Indian cities and pockets of Asia – a possible mode of public transport.

Twenty-six-year-old Sivaraj Muthuraman, a Tirupur-based innovator, has built a ‘hybrid’ rickshaw called the Eco Free Cab, that runs on solar battery and pedal power. This invention entered the India Book of Records under the Science and Technology Category on Saturday.

China, the supplier of 90 percent of the world's rare earths, cut mining rights for the materials by about half to 65 nationwide to help the industry consolidate and create bigger producers.

The move will help inculcate awareness among the public, Corporation officials feel

For the first time, the Chennai Corporation is venturing to install roof top solar panels of different wattage atop school and hospital buildings. It has called for tenders for installing one five-kilo-watt and five one-kilo-watt power producing panels. This move will allow the civic body to reduce its electricity bills and be more environment-friendly.