The recent Kosi floods have proved once again that inadequate control measures have been responsible for the recurring disasters. Typically flood control and riverine studies focus on hydrological information, whereas a much more integrated approach that pays attention to specific morphological factors is required.

The river is almost totally absent in modern day discourse Barrage, dam, embankment, flood, irrigation have a common thread

floods Kosi breach yet to be plugged The breach in the Kosi embankment that caused the devastating flood in Bihar may not be plugged before March 2009. The deadline for completion of the work was in November, but the state government extended it by four months. Though the government did not cite any specific reason for this, media reports link the delay to non-availability of

Koshi displaced people obstruct East-West Highway at Bhardaha
Kantipur Report
SAPTARI, Nov 6 - Koshi displaced people obstructed the East-West Highway at Bhardaha in Saptari district on Thursday.
Hundreds of people traveling along the highway have been stranded after the Koshi displaced people staying at the temporary camps in Bhardaha took to the streets at around 8 this morning.

In a majestic release of bottled-up fury, the Kosi has swept across half of Bihar. The river has gone back to a course it once followed many years ago, inundating roadways and farmlands and leaving an estimated three million people homeless. None of the manmade structures meant to tame the river has been of any use.

Enquiries into reasons for Bihar floods shadowed by Centre-state bickering OFFICERS and ministers who failed to maintain the Kosi embankment, leading to floods displacing about three million people, may go scot-free because of the tussle between the Bihar and Union governments. Union Minister of State for Water Resources Jai Prakash Narayan Yadav is bent upon dissolving the judicial

Victims of the Koshi floods on Tuesday announced to launch protests from next week stating the government was not concerned towards addressing their problems.
The flood victims announced to carry out phase-wise protests amidst a press conference in the capital today.

Can Bihar avert another Kosi disaster? On September 16, the Special Task Force constituted by the prime minister put a figure on the destruction caused by floods in Bihar

Completion of the Hanuman Nagar barrage on March 31, 1963, was considered a feat. A few months later the first breach in the Kosi embankment happened near Dalwa village in Nepal, a few kilometres from the border with India. Celebrations for the completion of the project were still on when a section of the embankment was washed away on August 20. A retired line (secondary embankment), constructed

On September 16, the Special Task Force constituted by the Indian prime minister put a figure on the destruction caused by floods in Bihar: Rs 25,000 crore. The Bihar government was seeking Rs 9,000 crore for flood relief; the Centre had released Rs 1,000 crore.