Jaipur: The draft report of Rajasthan State Action Plan on Climate Change has brought out some alarming facts about the water situation in the state. According to the report, the state has the highest probability of drought occurrence in the country. It also falls within areas having greatest climate sensitivity, maximum vulnerability and lowest adaptive capacity.

According to the report, “high dependency on groundwater has resulted in its overexploitation, with nearly 80% of groundwater witnessing depletion. The quality of groundwater has also progressively deteriorated. The stage of groundwater exploitation which was 35% in 1984 has reached a level of 138% in 2008

Urban planners attached to an advocacy group on Panchayati Raj here on Monday called upon the Rajasthan Government to pay greater attention to the Centre's flagship scheme, Rajiv Awas Yojana, for providing affordable housing to slum dwellers in the cities. The focus of the Yojana is on according property rights to people living in slums.

Transportation of illegal minerals in Haryana also stopped

The Supreme Court on Monday stopped illegal mining in the villages of Kota, Gangani, Sarai, Mohammadpur and Kharag Jalalpur in Mewat district of Haryana, taking note of the report submitted by the Central Empowered Committee about large-scale illegal mining taking place in these areas.

ALWAR: The state forest department along with Wildlife Institute of India (WII) would soon be relocating a tigress to Sariska that had strayed into the Sultanpur area of Kota from the Ranthambore tiger reserve.

A team of experts from the WII and the state forest department are camping in Kota to trace the tigress.

AJMER: The forest department has on its hands the task of finding the number of remaining Great Indian Bustard (GIB), the state bird, to chalk out a conservation plan for them.

UPSC Pattern From 2013 For Recruitments

JAIPUR: The urban housing and development (UDH) department is looking into the possibility of increasing the construction area of houses falling under Rajiv Awas Yojana, an affordable housing schem

New Delhi: Even after the coal ministry’s assurance of supplying more coal to power plants, as many as 33 electricity generating stations are running at less than four days of stock due to less rec

The Rajasthan Government's urban bodies signed memorandums of understanding (MoUs) with Ircon International Limited, a railway undertaking, for construction of 12 railway over-bridges and under-bridges across the State here over the weekend.

JAIPUR: Monsoon has brought relief to farmers and officials of the Public Health and Engineering Department (PHED). Overflowing dams and natural reservoirs across the state indicate an end of water woes for next summer as well.