First district for tribal development
Rampant deforestation
Malnutrition and starvation deaths

Average rainfall: 1,300 mm
Irrigation: 2% of gross cropped area

Policymakers don t need to go too far to eradicate poverty. The solution is as close as is a village well to a villager

People in Andhra Pradesh now need official consent to sink new wells

Which districts in India are the poorest and why? Down To Earth DTE analyses the surfeit of data and information to bring forth the underlying reality of the 10 poorest districts in India environmental degradation. How has neglecting the natural reso

the Union government's consultative group on land and water care has launched a land care movement for fostering community-centred food and water security system in nine states. This is a follow

the Supreme Court has granted four weeks time to the Delhi government to close all polluting and unauthorised industries operating in Delhi's residential areas. The apex court rejected the

A Union government proposal to amend the Fifth Schedule of the Indian constitution not only sidesteps an earlier SC order, but also threatens to deprive tribal people their land rights

They may survive the drought. But they cannot survive government policies. When people have to abandon their livestock, they are reduced to misery, as is happening in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Because India s rural economy is built around livestock, which ca

Human greed is putting an end to the traditional sacred groves in Kerala