hc cracks whip: Reprimanding the state-level committee over its inability to find zones for stone-crushers, the Himachal Pradesh High Court has ordered the closure of all such units. The owners of

Curbs on farmland transactions in Karnataka

Central Uttar Pradesh is literally on shaky ground. Land subsidence has been reported from several districts of the region, including Fatehpur, Farrukhabad, Kannauj and Unnao. Alarmingly, the culprit is neither seismic nor mining activity, but excessive g

jumbo fighters: Tiny bugs would no longer trouble jumbo jets. If undetected, microbes in aviation fuel harm the planes' instruments and even eat through the wings. They also produce misleading

Where does Afghanistan go from here? Does it have the capacity to utilise the funds? There are too many players, too many interests and too much confusion

Despite marathon wars, Afghan resilience is intact. So is their affiliation to localised independence

Afghanistan, the badland of international politics, faces its toughest challenge: life and peace. Two decades of war, six months of non stop bombing and incessant US efforts to establish a friendly government, make this a bitter dream. One tenth of its po

Largest groundnut cultivation
5,000 traditional water tanks
104 farmer suicides during 2000 02

Sal forest worth: Rs 30,000 crore
85% population dependent on forest
65% people below poverty line

Once rich in forest and grazing land
Now known as 20th century desert
68% population marginal and unemployed