If the coveted alphonso mango you bought recently has failed to tickle your taste buds, it is because it has been artificially ripened by calcium carbide.

207 consignments are found to be contaminated by pests

The 28-member European Union has temporarily banned the import of Alphonso mangoes, the king of fruits, and four vegetables from India from May 1, sparking protests from the Indian community, lawmakers and traders.

AHMEDABAD: In the last few days, the health department of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has seized large stocks of mangoes artificially ripened using cancer-causing calcium carbide.

Cypermethrin is a synthetic pyrethoid mainly used against mango insect pests. Clams are good indicators of pesticide pollution and are known to be tolerant to pesticide accumulation. Acute toxicity experiment of Cypermethrin is carried out on estuarine clam, Marcia opima. The clam exhibited significant increase in protein content of gill in LC0 and LC50 group of clams while foot, male gonad and female gonad exhibited considerable decrease in protein content. Whereas, in LC0, mantle showed high protein content. In LC50 group, hepatopancreas exhibited high protein content.

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Nadia District Brick Manufacturers Association & Others Vs West Bengal Pollution Control Board Ors dated 03/12/2013 regarding pollution caused by brick kilns in Nadia District, West Bengal and its adverse effect on mango orchards.

Original Source: http://www.greentribunal.gov.in/orderinpdf/498-2013(MApp)_3Dec2013.pdf

The orange and vermicelli sold in the Dhaka city markets are all treated with formalin, said a test report by green rights activists on Sunday.

Formalin is used in 93.75 per cent of mangoes selling in the capital, said a report of Save the Environment Movement on Tuesday.

Mangoes ripened by using chemicals sold in local markets of Janakpur have started making people ill.

Carbon credit system paying rich dividends to farmers too

In a silent afforestation campaign, a private company has successfully raised more than a million trees on private lands in five districts in the State and recorded a survival rate of 90 per cent. Giving details to The Hindu about the successful planting of saplings and raising them to trees, A. Joseph Rexon, Director, TIST Tree Planting India programme, said it was started in Kancheepuram district with six farmers in 2003.

Lucknow: Famous Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib had once said, “A a m k h o o b h o a u r m e e t h e h o,” (mango must be in plenty and sweet) after having tasted Lucknow’s famous Dusseheri variety of mango. However, this time the king of fruit is likely to lose on both counts – volume and sweetness.

The blame for this goes to the increasingly unpredictable weather pattern and climate change that have taken a toll on the mango crop in the state this year. Adding to this are the brick kilns that have also played a wicked role as far as the mango crop is concerned. There is uncertainty over the yield and horticulture experts are predicting a sharp fall in production.