Vijayawada: Mango farmers are expressing concern over fall in price due to trips attack on mangoes.

New Delhi:As a fall-out of the tree cutting incident in Vasant Kunj’s block C-6 on Saturday, the forest department filed an FIR with the Vasant Kunj (North) police station against the president of the colony resident welfare association. The accused was arrested and released on bail.

As per FIR number 93/13, the forest department has named RWA president and some other residents of the area for cutting down 113 trees in a DDA park near Gate No. 7 of the block. The trees that were cut included a peepal, a keekar and 111 sobul trees. Forest officials said that more than 20 residents of the block had specifically complained against the RWA president and some others in the matter and one of them independently registered a police complaint.

Lion’s share of credit earmarked for agriculture, allied activities in PLP

Even as the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has earmarked a lion’s share of credit for agriculture and allied activities in its Potential Linked Credit Plan (PLP) for Ariyalur district, one of the most backward districts in the State, it has suggested a number of steps to boost agriculture there.

About 40 to 54 per cent of the daily consumed foods including fish, milk and baby foods are found adulterated and poisonous and the adulteration is increasing for the last couple of years.

Israel has decided to open three ‘Centres of Excellence’ in the field of agriculture in Karnataka. The country also plans to open its second consulate in India, in Bangalore by October to attract tourists, especially from South India.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, the Consul General for Israel in India, Orna Sagiv said the country was now targeting three major sectors in Karnataka – IT, agriculture and food processing.

Fruits should be thoroughly washed with fresh/salt water to remove pesticides and other chemicals

Consuming seasonal fruits is one of the best ways to stay healthy when braving scorching summer days. Doctors and dieticians say that fruits provided necessary nutrients while keeping diseases away. But, there is concern over carcinogenic (cancer-causing) agents being used to ripen the fruits quickly for higher volume of sales.

Some miscreants have cut down 50 fruit bearing mango trees on Wednesday night at Baribathan village under Sadar Upazila in Jhenidah.

A study has been undertaken to assess the number of six important tree species including teak, mango, babool, neem, kathal and shisham outside forests in rural areas of district Gorakhpur.

The Maharashtra government has decided to launch a project with $85 million funding from the Asian Development Bank, which will augment the agriculture infrastructure in the State.

Before dawn every day he joins hundreds of wholesale traders at Delhi's Azadpur Mandi, a sprawling, chaotic market where trucks blare Bollywood music, porters haul huge brown sacks of fruit and veg