May 5 2010 will probably go down the annals of wildlife history as the first major step taken by the government of Maharashtra for the protection of tigers that are dwindling faster than the receding forest that protects them. In a boost in and around Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR), the state government finally issued an notification for a buffer zone around Tadoba.

Maharashtra preparing to relocate people but without groundwork

Nidhi Jamwal Six months past the fra implementation deadline, Maharashtra is struggling to understand the Act and its provisions. The central issue in the state revolves around the local body employed to initiate the implementation procedure. The state government is going by gram panchayats and group gram panchayats, and villagers are demanding pada (hamlet)-based committees, saying it

This report contains the proceedings of the national workshop on forest fires, held at New Delhi on November 13 & 14, 2007.

The paper deals with the relationship between the tribal communities and the NTFP used for their livelihood and nutrition in the forests of Betul District of Madhya Pradesh and Melghat District of Maharashtra with special reference to Gond and Korku tribal communities. The study area includes tribal dominated forests.

there is tension brewing in three villages in Maharashtra's Melghat Sanctuary over rehabilitation measures. The sanctuary, within the Melghat Tiger Reserve, is being freed of people to protect

In 1999 Bori, a small village of 19 Gaoli tribal families

Forest fires, tribal discontent in Melghat Tiger reserve

This book contains a conservation strategy for Maharashtra's biodiversity based on ecodevelopment, with special reference to Melghat tiger reserve.

EGS fails the poorest