Beijing has raised the subsidy for coal bed methane (cbm) production by half from this year to 2020 in a move to encourage exploration and production of the cleaner-burning fuel as part of its air

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Emission of Methane, 01/03/2016.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Study on Air Pollution, 01/03/2016.

The World Bank will hold a $20 million auction for carbon credits from projects designed to cut methane emissions, offering up to 10 times the current market value, the bank said on Monday.

A natural gas leak in the mountains above Los Angeles was one of the worst accidental discharges of greenhouse gases in US history.

The European Commission's Joint Research Center recently conducted a study that examined records of man-made carbon dioxide and methane emissions from the last 150 years, and confirmed that these e

An underground natural gas pipeline rupture that caused the largest-ever methane leak in California has been permanently capped, paving the way for thousands of displaced Los Angeles residents to r


The Obama administration is expected to propose new rules as soon as Friday to curb methane leaks from oil and natural gas production, its latest attempt to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from ene

Air quality regulators, meeting for the third time this month to address a huge natural gas leak that has forced thousands of Los Angeles residents from their homes, delayed action again on Wednesd