The development of birth control methods that use the body's immune system may be more convenient than condoms and pills. But several groups warn against the unknown dangers of such methods.

Opposition to multinationals in the agriculture sector in Karnataka may soon spread throughout India

The Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha has charged these 23 foreign collaborations with exploiting the country"s genetic wealth in the agriculture sector:

"A plant in the backyard has no value," says an Indian proverb. This attitude, which has been the bane of Indian society -- and that of the nations of the South -- repeatedly tends to overlook the

Known in ancient India as a tree with many wondrous properties, the neem tree is slowly drawing the attention of the country's scientific and entrepreneurial community.

There has recently been a flurry of international activity centred around the versatile neem.

Though the importance of neem is well known it finds place on the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation's priority list efforts to collect neem germplasm are only now beginning to pick up at an international level.

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Modern science now confirms what was well known in India since Vedic times neem oil is an effective birth control agent.

THE CREDIT for spreading the message of the wondrous properties of the neem goes to Chandrashekhar Mahadeo Ketkar, whose interest in the tree was piqued when he visited the quality control laboratory