SPIC is on the brink of launching two neem-based insecticides. Godrej"s Nimin reportedly improves the nitrogen-use efficiency of urea. ITC, too, has found neem effective in checking the tobacco caterpillar moth and has in view the tremendous market in the

Pesticides 1. Wellgro, produced by India Tobacco Company, reportedly repels tobacco caterpillar, prevents the spread of tobacco mosaic virus and prevents nitrogen leaching. 2. Neemguard,

While growing up in Rajasthan, Deepak Bhatnagar often saw his parents using neem leaves to keep insects out of the wheat they stored in their home. He also saw how well the leaves worked against skin

NEEM is being tested as a contraceptive that can be injected or applied in the vagina. While the contraceptive effect of the injection is expected to last for as long as six months, the vaginal

the Union Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers is deliberating on a mechanism to promote neem-coated fertili

Why are companies across all product categories nutracising their brands? Obviously, to catch a huge market growing by the day for health and dietary supplements

a meeting of the Convention on Biodiversity (cbd) will be held in February in Bangkok to discuss rules for international transfer of biological resources. In preparation, ministerial delegations of a

there is some good news for farmers. Delhi-based National Fertilisers Limited (nfl) has started manufacturing urea coated with neem oil. Fifty field trials conducted in three states show positive

After generating a lot of scientific interest worldwide, neem is now attracting pesticide manufacturers and pharmaceuticals keen to exploit its various properties.

Neem provides a cheap and harmless mosquito repellent that is effective against the malaria carrying Anopheles species, which is becoming increasingly resistant to pesticides.