In this study, the anaerobic digestion of different types of organic wastes including swept flour from the floor of flourmills, leftover food and vegetable waste is investigated. The performance of an anaerobic digester is dependent on the type and composition of the materials to be digested as well as the environmental factors such as pH and temperature.

Solid waste disposal sites are not often seen as opportunities for energy solutions. The waste that is disposed in open dumps and landfills generates methane and other gases as it decomposes, causing concerns about explosions, odours, and, increasingly, about the contribution of methane to global climate change. However, the liability of landfill gas (LFG) can be turned into an asset.

Nalini Ravichandran | Chennai NEEL Metal Fanalca Environment Management Pvt. Ltd( NMF), the private contractor engaged for clearing garbage in Chennai Corporation, conducted an awareness programme for around 21 NGOs and self help groups (SHGs) on source segregation of waste under the 'Operation Clean Chennai' venture, here on Saturday. On completing the training the NGOs and SHGs will function as nodal points and impart training at household levels on the need of segregating organic and inorganic waste.

While municipal councils have foiled several attempts of the High Court to get them to attend to the garbage problem in their respective jurisdictions in the last two years, the High Court on Wednesday contemplated imposing fine on defaulting civic bodies would work as deterrent.

The hospitality industry is finding that "going green" saves money and prevents pollution. As a step in this direction, a few hotels in the Capital have introduced eco-friendly measures like using recycled paper and herbal soaps, planting trees around the property, non-toxic herbal pest control, noise filters...

This paper contains detailed discussions on climate change strategies. It looks at climate change related issues in several sectors including forestry, energy (biofuels), waste management, and groundwater, as well as key institutional and industry developments in response to climate change challenges. The paper summarises current policy responses from around the Asia-Pacific region and attempts to sort effective climate change policy from non-effective policy.

Village panchayats in Goa which have been struggling to tackle the garbage menace, now have a better alternative to take care of the wet garbage. The department of Science, Technology & Environment has identified an equipment

One of the country's largest landfill sites, being readied at Gyaspur-Pirana on the outskirts of the city, will soon see a captive power plant in the coming months.

The historic development pathway of Europe and the US is clearly not sustainable in developing Asia, with its larger population, constrained by resource limitations, and now facing the global challenges of climate change. So far, however, Asia has not framed an alternative future that simultaneously provides for an escape from poverty, improves standards of living, and responds to the need for a low carbon, climate resilient sustainable development pathway.

Urban India is likely to face a massive waste disposal problem in the coming years. Traditionally, the problem of waste has been seen simply as one of cleaning and disposing. But a closer look at the current and future scenarios reveals that waste needs to be treated holistically, recognising its natural resources roots as well as its health impacts.