Present study consists the survey conducted in coastal villages from Dhanushkodi to Kannyakumari in the Gulf of Mannar and from Dhanushkodi to Kodikkarai in the Palk Bay for understanding status of dugong. Survey provided sighting, distribution and population status of dugong in the GoM and the Palk Bay.

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Controversies related to Indian trawlers crossing into Sri Lankan waters of the Palk Bay have repeatedly been the subject of newspaper headlines in both India and Sri Lanka since 1990. The first aim of this paper is to provide grass-roots insights into the post-war status of the north Sri Lankan fishing population and how their recent recovery has added a new dimension to the Palk Bay conflict. The second purpose is to create a better understanding of the nature of this conflict and to analyse the relevance of existing and proposed governance responses.

Avoids Giving National Monument Status To Geographical Feature In Palk Strait.

The Centre came up with a blank today on whether to declare Ram Setu in the Palk Strait a national monument, leaving the Supreme Court with no option but to interpret the government’s silence as it

The Supreme Court has ordered the union government to "explore the possibility' of an alternative alignment (a route) for the Sethusamudram project and asked the Archaeological Survey of India to

Aerial extent and distribution pattern of seagrass meadows in the Mandapam group of islands viz. Pamban area of Rameshwaram, Krusadai, Pullivasal and Pumarichan Island of the Gulf of Mannar

before the Sethusamudram project began, many had cautioned the government against going ahead with the shipway. The ambitious project has claimed its casualty even before the first brick has been

The Sethusamudram Ship Canal Project (SSCP) is a 167 km long shipping canal, and envisages the creation of a navigable canal from the Gulf of Mannar to the Bay of Bengal to facilitate the movement of ships. The proposed SSCP site is located in a globally significant marine ecosystem – the Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve, one of world's richest marine biological resources.

The Sethusamudram Ship Canal Project's (sscp's) documents concluded that it was going to be a financial white elephant. Many contended otherwise. They claimed that sscp would benefit not just the