Transport in Indian cities headed the wrong way: ministry After a gap of 14 years, the Union Ministry of Urban Development commissioned a study on the state of transport in Indian cities. The data showed Indian cities sinking deeper into a spiral of congestion and air pollution

Launched in 1998, the Golden Quadrilateral is part of a $30-billion plus National Highways Development Project-the most ambitious building spree here since Britain created the railway system in the 1800s. Much as the U.S. Interstate Highway System mobilized American society, India hopes the Golden Quadrilateral will push the country's economic engine into overdrive.

By taking a case study from Chennai, this paper qualitatively assess pedestrian environment in an institutional zone. Techniques for assessing pedestrian facilities are discussed before undertaking evaluation of the pedestrian environment. Through this evaluation of pedestrian amenities and the quality of the pedestrian environment, the authors reveal serious shortcomings.

Many people believe that nonmotorized modes (walking, cycling, and their variations) have an inferior right to use
public roads compared with motor vehicles. This reflects the belief that motor vehicles are more important to society

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16 Nov 2010

“…………… what was the question?”

If you ask someone living in one of our medium or large cities to name the most serious civic problem faced by his city, he will more likely than not say it is the growing problem of traffic.