LIMA – Peru’s government has declared a 90-day water quality emergency in several northern jungle districts where two oil spills occurred due to ruptures of a pipeline operated by state-owned oil c

LIMA – A landslide injured 25 people and destroyed the dwellings of 100 residents of two remote communities in Pampa Hermosa, a district in the central Peruvian region of Junin, media reports said.

LIMA: Two recent oil pipeline spills in Peru's part of the Amazon hit areas rich in wildlife and it will take them a year to recover, the government said on Monday.

LIMA – Peru’s Energy and Mines Ministry said it had approved Spanish energy major Repsol’s environmental impact assessment of the Sagari natural gas project, located in the jungles of the southern

New advanced satellite maps of tropical countries reveal that more than 90 percent of recent tree cover loss took place in natural forests rather than plantations, threatening ecosystems and biodiv

The impact of a changing climate on the Amazon basin is a subject of intensive research because of its rich biodiversity and the significant role of rainforests in carbon cycling. Climate change has also a direct hydrological impact, and increasing efforts have focused on understanding the hydrological dynamics at continental and subregional scales, such as the Western Amazon.

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In a bid to eradicate illegal rubbish dumping around Lima, Peruvian authorities are outfitting vultures with GPS tracking devices and GoPro cameras to monitor the city from above.

New figures from Brazil show a further rise in the number of babies born with abnormally small heads to mothers infected with the Zika virus.

This brief makes the case for ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) by presenting how it can generate multiple environmental, social and economic benefits. Research shows that benefiting from a wide range of ecosystem services is closely correlated with communities’ degree of resilience to challenges.

LIMA – The 47 mining projects under development in Peru are worth $56.41 billion, with 24 of the ventures dedicated to exploration and six others involving expansions of existing operating units, t