PASTORURI GLACIER, Peru (AP) — The tropical glaciers of South America are dying from soot and rising temperatures, threatening water supplies to communities that have depended on them for centuries

A fresh oil spill in the Peruvian Amazon was detected from the country's four-decades-old pipeline on Thursday, operator Petroperu said, bringing the number of leaks this year to four.

As palm oil production expands from Southeast Asia into tropical regions of the Americas and Africa, vulnerable forests and species on four continents face increased risk of loss, a new Duke Univer

ON THE BORDER OF THE TAMBOPATA RESERVE, Peru — The raid began at dawn.

Recent analysis finds cattle ranching is quietly and quickly deforesting huge swaths of rainforest in the heart of Peru.

A World Bank panel rejected a lawsuit filed against Peru which charged the nation with failing to clean up pollution tied to a smelter, the government said on Monday, but the company bringing the s

Illegal gold mining is rampant in many areas of southern Peru, driven by rising gold prices.

The head of Peru state-owned energy company Petroperu has resigned following the third oil spill this year due to pipeline ruptures, Energy and Mines Minister Rosa Maria Ortiz said on Thursday on l

Four scientists who specialized in sweet potatoes were named the winners of this year's World Food Prize on Tuesday for their work to make foods more nutritious.

This book by IFPRI brings together the most intriguing stories from the past five decades to show what works in nutrition, what does not, and the factors that contribute to success. It includes nutrition success stories on the ground in places ranging from Bangladesh, Brazil, Nepal, Peru, Thailand, and Vietnam to Ethiopia and the state of Odisha in India.