If the figures presented by AHIVF & Infertility Research Centre, Ranchi are to be believed then rural males associated with agriculture are facing the risk of becoming infertile due to their ex

Mancozeb and its main metabolite ethylene thiourea (ETU) may alter thyroid function; thyroid hormones are essential for fetal brain development. In Costa Rica, mancozeb is aerially sprayed at large-scale banana plantations on a weekly basis. The objectives of the study was to (1) evaluate urinary ETU concentrations in pregnant women living nearby large-scale banana plantations; (2) compare their estimated daily intake (EDI) with established Reference Doses (RfDs); and (3) identify factors that predict their urinary ETU concentrations.

Usage of pyrethroid insecticides has increased dramatically over the past decade; however, data on their potential health effects, particularly on children, are limited. The researchers examined the cross-sectional association between postnatal pyrethroid exposure and parental report of learning disability (LD) and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children 6-15 years of age.

Stop Pesticide Poisonings depicts why a growing number of individuals and organisations no longer believe that training can achieve so called safe use of hazardous pesticides.

Pesticide exposure may be positively associated with depression. Few previous studies have considered the episodic nature of depression or examined individual pesticides. The researchers evaluated associations between pesticide exposure and depression among male
private pesticide applicators in the Agricultural Health Study.

The 52nd Directing Council of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), in response to a call for action of the Minister of Health of El Salvador, recognized chronic kidney disease from nontraditional causes (CKDnT) affecting agricultural communities in Central America as a serious public health problem that requires urgent, effective, and concerted multisectoral action.

A group of global biotech crop companies won a court victory on Monday that blocks enactment of a law passed last year limiting the planting of biotech crops and use of pesticides on the Hawaiian i

An investigation carried out by Greenpeace India has found residues of hazardous chemical pesticides in a majority of samples of the main brands of packaged tea produced and consumed in India. Over half of the samples contained pesticides that are ‘unapproved’ for use in tea cultivation or which were present in excess of recommended limits. 

Debate in Rajya Sabha on Endosulfan Pesticide (Prohibition) Bill, 2011, 08/08/2014.

A stricter standard on pesticide residue for farm produce in China will take effect on Friday.