Documents show Natural England believes spraying will not eradicate oak processionary moth and could harm butterflies

This paper undertakes a review of current published information (peer-reviewed and grey literature) on Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology (CKDu) in Sri Lanka.

This study presents the findings of research into the global socio-economic and environmental impact of genetically modified (GM) crops in the seventeen years since they were first commercially planted on a significant area.

Children in agricultural areas are being exposed to a dangerous cocktail of pesticides, some of which are banned substances, a French health and environment group has claimed.

The Chinese government released a report on Thursday that said nearly one-fifth of its arable land was polluted, a finding certain to raise questions about the toxic results of China’s rapid indust

China’s soil is laced with pollutants including mercury and arsenic, according to a nine-year government survey, posing a threat to agriculture and human health and raising new concern about the en

Landmark research shows 29% of honeybee colonies died in winter of 2012-13, with summer losses also high at 9.7%

Pesticides pose serious threats to both human health and the environment. In Europe, farmers are encouraged to reduce their use, and in France a recent environmental policy fixed a target of halving the pesticide use by 2018. Organic and integrated cropping systems have been proposed as possible solutions for reducing pesticide use, but the effect of reducing pesticide use on crop yield remains unclear. Here we use a set of cropping system experiments to quantify the yield losses resulting from a reduction of pesticide use for winter wheat in France.

Neonicotinoids currently dominate the insecticide market as seed treatments on Canada’s major Prairie crops (e.g., canola). The potential impact to ecologically significant wetlands in this dominantly agro-environment has largely been overlooked while the distribution of use, incidence and level of contamination remains unreported.

The government has allowed commercial cultivation of Bt cotton, while moratorium has been put on Bt brinjal