Rates at which CO2 is being sequestered in two different forest types of Himalaya was computed. For comparative study degraded and non-degraded sites of pine and oak forests in Kumaun Central Himalaya were selected. The Van Panchayats (VPs) or community forests are managing the non degraded forest sites for centuries.

The release of genetically engineered trees into the open environment is an internationally disputed issue. Using genetically engineered poplars as an example, the following report gives clear evidence that it is not possible to adequately control the risks associated with the release of such trees, either in terms of space or time.

Hundreds of unemployed youths are earning their livelihood by harvesting of chalghuza pine (pine nut tree) in the local forest, says Ejaz Ahmed, the district in-charge of non-timber products of the forest department.

Forecasting the effects of global changes on high altitude ecosystems requires an understanding of the long-term relationships between biota and forcing factors to identify resilience thresholds. Fire is a crucial forcing factor: both fuel build-up from land-abandonment in European mountains, and more droughts linked to global warming are likely to increase fire risks.

For Bob Jackson, the most important factor in forest management is the direction, not the speed or efficiency. Results are created one day at a time. Since, they bought the land in 1970, Bob Jackson and Leo Goebel have been managing 160 acres of Douglas fir, white fir, Ponderosa pine, and larch on the north slope of the Wallowas.

Climate and its variability have been and continues to be the principal source of exceptional fluctuations which wreaked havoc on forests. In Chamba, up to an elevation of 1,800 m chir pine (Pinus roxburghii Sargent) is the main naturally occurring coniferous tree in forests.

SHILLONG, July 31: A good quality of wood charcoal produced from woods is being supplied to the industries at Byrnihat. Since the demand for it is very high and the seasonal woods are disappearing at a very high rate, people are turning to soft woods like pine trees. Nowadays, pine trees are the latest victim of the people involved in charcoal business in West Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya.

Forest fires raged across western side of the Murree Hills at the weekend, destroying trees and vegetation on 60 per cent of the area.

The present investigation was carried out to study the distribution of biomass in different land uses viz., chir pine, ban oak, deodar, other broadleaves, culturable and un-culturable land uses, distributed in five forest ranges i.e., Dharampur, Parwanoo, Solan, Kandaghat and Subathu along altitudinal gradient from 900 to 2100 of Solan Forest Division, Himachal Pradesh.

A study was conducted in different forests of districts of Rudraprayag and Pauri (Uttarakhand) in the Central Himalayas for determining the physical and chemical features of soil. The findings indicated that there was more accumulation of minerals in the undisturbed forests irrespective of disturbed forest type.