The National Green Tribunal has directed the Union environment ministry and the Delhi government to initiate programmes to provide alternative modes of cremation of human remains, saying the tradit

Nawanshahr: To highlight the issue of noise pollution during late night hours, two activists have submitted an application to the Nawanshahr deputy commissioner seeking permission to play loudspeak

Madurai/Trichy: Feverish preparations for the conduct of jallikattu, set in motion by last week's central government notification that sanctioned the traditional sport came to an abrupt standstill

The available data on routine immunization in Nigeria show a disparity in coverage between Northern and Southern Nigeria, with the former performing worse. The effect of socio-cultural differences on health-seeking behaviour has been identified in the literature as the main cause of the disparity. Our study analyses the role of supply-side determinants, particularly access to services, in causing these disparities.

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The State Pollution Control Board (PCB) has suggested the deployment of policemen instead of volunteers at the Pampa bathing ghats in the foothills of Sabarimala to stop pilgrims from throwing used

The employment of a new “worm index” of human development, together with additional published health information, confirms the important role neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) play in hindering the advancement of many of the world’s Muslim-majority countries.

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Order of the National Green Tribunal (Central Zonal Bench, Bhopal) in the matter of Pramode Chugh Vs. State of Madhya Pradesh & Others dated 19/11/2015 regarding use of electronic crematorium, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

The matter is of utmost significance pertaining to the use of electronic crematorium so that unnecessarily trees do not have to be cut for the said purpose of cremation.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday refused to impose a complete ban on bursting of firecrackers during Diwali to curb air pollution.

The association noted that the turnover in firecrackers was over `1,000 crores, and with 350 units in Sivakasi alone, it provides direct employment to over three lakh people and indirect employment

In an era when pollution has become one of the biggest public health concerns, conventional burning of Ravana effigies defeats the very purpose of Dussehra - a festival marking triumph of good over