Demand market rate for power after agreeing to a lower rate SUGAR cooperatives of Maharashtra that have set up power plants that use sugarcane waste as fuel, are trying to wriggle out of their commitment to supply power at lower rates to the state-owned power distribution company, Mahara- shtra State Electricity Distribution Co Ltd (msedcl). Nagpur-based Purti Sugar Mills has moved an

The small wind turbine technology is a potential source of energy for electrical power in rural and remote areas, which are otherwise difficult to connect to the grid.

A small wind turbine is a wind powered electric generator with a capacity of less than 30 kilowatts. Small wind turbines can be put to use efficiently for power generation at very low or

Compared to other global small wind turbine (SWT) markets, India has a minuscule installed capacity of SWT/PV-wind hybrid energy systems of about 890 kW (as on January 2009) and hence there is ample scope for SWT or renewable energy hybrid systems sector to grow.

Auroville, a small community in Pondicherry is involved in a microcosm of sustainable practices through focus on solar energy.

Owners of stock in German biogas companies haven't got much joy out of them. Given the industry's business conditions that's no surprise. Now it's all about how companies can weather the year ahead.

The incoming Obama Administration and the 111th Congress face enormous challenges and opportunities in tackling the pressing security, economic, and environmental problems posed by the energy sector in the United States and worldwide. Improving the technologies of energy supply and end-use is a prerequisite for surmounting these challenges in a timely and cost-effective way.

Austria is considered a European leader in the use of solid biomass for heat and power generation. But a new environmental policy could jeopardize the success of the past few years.

Spain's Ministry of Industry investigates large scale PV plants after construction and finds two-thirds false reports. Unfinished projects are now threatening to exhaust the quota for 2009.

According to this latest global report on wind energy, total worldwide installations in 2008 were more than 27,000 MW, dominated by the three main markets in Europe, North America and Asia. The United States passed Germany to become world #1 in wind power installations, and China