To provide a picture of hydrological impact of climate change across different climatic zones in Europe, this study considers eight river basins: Tagus in Iberian Peninsula; Emån and Lule in Scandinavia; Rhine, Danube and Teteriv in Central and Eastern Europe; Tay on the island of Great Britain and Northern Dvina in North-Eastern Europe.

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Worldwide riverine thermal pollution patterns were investigated by combining mean annual heat rejection rates from power plants with once-through cooling systems with the global hydrological-water temperature model variable infiltration capacity (VIC)-RBM. The model simulates both streamflow and water temperature on 0.5° × 0.5° spatial resolution worldwide and by capturing their effect, identifies multiple thermal pollution hotspots.

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The Chitwan National Park has begun a week-long awareness campaign for the conservation of tigers and one horned rhinos, among other wild animals, from today.

Unemployed and bored, Collet Ngobeni and Felicia Mogakane both jumped at the chance when asked if they wanted to join South Africa's first all-female anti-poaching team.

As India stares at the mammoth task of cleaning the Ganga and looks for inspiration outside the country , it is the Rhine river of western Europe which has caught the attention of policy-makers her

The anthrax scare reported from the Delhi zoo after the death of a rhinoceros abated on Thursday as test reports cleared doubts over anthrax infection as the cause of death.

After having improved the state of the Rhine, Europe is cleaning up the Danube. A lesson for India

It is the tale of two European rivers. The Rhine and the Danube. No river system in the world has a density of industrial agglomerations comparable to that of the Rhine. The river connects the economies of some of the richest countries, while the Danube l

An international convention for protection of the Danube hopes to restore the river s ecosystem

After 50 complacent years, Europe's state of the art dyke system is softened for the kill by raging riverine floods