Water has suddenly become a favoured subject for seminars and conferences all over the world.

Ever since the inception of Bangladesh in 1972 its politics have been featured by several types of seemingly endemic conflict, some of which have been associated with either periodic outbursts of violence or prolonged relatively low-key armed confrontations.

The basin area of the Ganges river in Bangladesh is extremely dependent on a regular water supply from upstream to meet requirements for agriculture, fisheries, navigation, salinity control, domestic and industrial sectors. In 1975 India commissioned a barrage on the Ganga river at Farakka to divert significant portion of the dry season flow in order to make the Calcutta port navigable.

Treaty to resolve pending boundary differences and maintain the Rio Grande and Colorado river as the international boundary between the United States of America and Mexico.

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Output Jumps 35% As Against 7% Rise For Coal-Fired Plants; 1800 MW Gas Capacity Added In 6 Months

The government will now look at allocating more natural gas from Reliance Industries Ltd

At the time of independence, the boundary line between the two newly created independent countries i.e. Pakistan and India was drawn right across the Indus Basin, leaving Pakistan as the lower riparian.