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KATHMANDU: The government, through the budget for next fiscal, has announced plans to introduce an integrated law to make land acquisition and valuation easy.

For many years, land

KANDY: Defence and Urban Development Ministry has planned a development project for Kandy with a World Bank credit line of USD 100,000,000.

CHENNAI: The city’s road safety has come under fire with the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) report pointing out that the maximum number of road accidents occur here.

The Alakolaveva-Padiyapelalla road development project was launched by Private Transport Minister C. B. Ratnayaka recently. A fund of Rs.

A project that involves cutting down trees to build a bus lane in Pakistan's capital is pitting environmentalists against officials

INDORE: Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) will review its decision to cut 199 trees and transplant 22 for the construction of bridges, culverts and roads.

CHENNAI: Chennai’s roads are the second deadliest in the country, says a report published by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), a Delhi-based research organisation.

Pedestrians and cyclists have emerged as the most vulnerable group on Delhi roads with the two of them accounting for the largest share of road injuries and deaths.

Tackling a million deaths: Paving a path for Trauma Systems Development in India - a presentation by Amit Gupta at CSE round table conference on "Our safe right of way", on June 23, 2014 in New Delhi.

Read the presentation: http://www.cseindia.org/userfiles/Road%20Saftey%20Amit%20Gupta.pdf

CSE releases the assessment of road accidents and accident hotspots; presents findings of its safety audit; puts forth an action plan

Deadly tally: About 16 deaths and 58 road injures per hour in India; share of fatal accidents in the total is up from 18 per cent in 2003 to 25 in 2012

Delhi records an average of five road accident deaths per day – four of these are of pedestrians and two-wheeler riders. Every week, two cyclists and one car rider dies in Delhi

The worst accident hotspots are near flyovers and junctions