Government of Goa has adopted a policy on roof-top rainwater harvesting and this notification gives details for the guidance of all concerned departments for implementation of the policy.The policy does not include within its purview rain water harvesting for ground water recharge. It shall be implemented by the Water Resources Department and shall apply to the whole state.

States slow to tap rainwater in tribal and rural areas the government

You can save money, electricity and get piping hot water for your home with a solar water heater.

Fraser place may someday loom large in the annals of environmental history. Completed in Shenzhen in 2005, the crescent-shaped service apartment is China's first green commercial building. The windows are designed to capture breezes, reducing the need for air conditioning. Rainwater runs off the roof and into an irrigation system for the surrounding gardens.

TWO years after the Asian tsunami, as the images of devastation fade off from global public memory, the disaster persists for villages along the coastline of Sri Lanka's Southern Province. Survivors

This manual deals with various aspects of artificial recharge of ground water including planning of artificial recharge schemes, artificial recharge techniques and design of structures, monitoring of augmented water levels and water quality, economic evaluation of recharge projects and issues related to operation and maintenance of artificial recharge structures. Roof top rainwater harvesting techniques which are particularly suitable for urban areas have also been included and described in detail.

A number of dimensions and resources need to be converged for preparing a roadmap to sustainability. The most critical among these are technical know-how, human capital and financial resources. This document is an effort towards presenting a basic framework for the mobilization of these resources and dimensions. The document has been structured into various themes that need to be interwoven for a framework of sustainability in the drinking water sector.

This book contains case studies of selected Natural Resource Management projects implemented by the partners of Caritas India. Promotion of natural resource management is a proactive and long-term strategy of Caritas India. Caritas India evolved an environment policy that focuses on protection, preservation and conservation of natural resources like land, water and biomass.

Feasibility of harvesting roof top water in an engineering college campus is studied using a stochastically generated daily rainfall series. It has been shown that even though sufficient amount of water is available, possibility of harvesting rainwater is limited because of limitations in the storage that can be provided.