Though conservation policies have to some extent succeeded in stemming the environmental destruction being caused by rampant industrial and urban growth, in India, these efforts have also had the unintended consequence of creating enemies of the very people who have historically been the strongest conservationists.

A recent investigation into the Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary lends support to the boundary reduction exercise by the state government

Endangered species may just about find a safe haven in the Arabian desert. Regional governments in the oil-rich Gulf have poured in billions of dollars into the transformation of dry, dusty

This comprehensive manual presents a package of proven field techniques in wildlife management and research.

The Delhi administration's move to make the Asola and Bhatti sanctuaries exclusively protected areas ring alarm bells in the local villages

All's well that end well for the plump toddlers. France has finally decided to give up its 12-year effort to build a large Antarctic landing strip at the French base of Dumont d'Urville, on

The Orissa high court has put the commissioning of a controversial jetty at the Bhitarkanika sanctuary on hold

Conservation strategy stands on a fork in the road: one leads to animal protection in their natural habitats, or sanctuaries; the other to rearing them in zoos, for eventual release into the wild when conditions permit. Naturalists contend that any other

Anthrax has claimed three elephants in Jaldapara wildlife sanctuary in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal, sparking fears that the infectious disease could wipe out animal life in the reserve. The

Authorities of a wildlife sanctuary propose to curb the menace of rampaging wild boars by providing affected villagers with, among other things, volleyball and television sets.