There has been progress towards malaria elimination in the last decade. In response, WHO launched the Global Technical Strategy (GTS), in which vector surveillance and control play important roles. Country experiences in the Eliminating Malaria Case Study Series were reviewed to identify success factors on the road to elimination using a cross-case study analytic approach.

Tunis — Prime Minister Habib Essid said that his visit, Monday to Brussels, has two aspects, namely, discussing fight against terrorism and economic co-operation.

Tunis — Prime Minister Habib Essid pointed out the need to take all the necessary measures to implement priority projects as part of the national drinking water supply programme.

Kef, — A study on the phosphate extraction project in Sra Ouertane mine, Governorate of Kef, will be conducted in the coming period, Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining Zakaria Hamad said on We

Tunis, — The mobile application "Zoomi" to report environmental abuses and violations was launched, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development Nejib Derouiche announced Wednesday.

Tunis — An earth tremor measuring 2.5 degrees on the Richter scale was registered Monday at 8:03 pm in the governorate of Beja, northern Tunisia, the National Institute of Meteorology (INM) said Tu

Waste dumped at landfill sites represents a growing threat to poor communities in Tunisia, polluting air and water supplies

The report looks back on the past years and discusses the evolution of NAMAs, it presents five case studies (Chile, Indonesia, Kenya, Tunisia, and Peru) and draws insights from hands-on NAMA experience and dialogues with peers, and it looks into the future of NAMAs as essential building block for a global climate regime.

The disease, like SARS which had its origin in south-east Asia some years ago, has already claimed close to 90 lives.

Limiting global temperature rise to 2°C above pre-industrial levels will require billions of dollars in investments each year to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and shift to low-emissions development pathways.