lutyens Bungalow Zone, one of the greenest areas in New Delhi, should be razed and replaced by multi-storey apartments, says Union urban affairs minister Ram Jethmalani. The government has

In their rush to meet the housing requirements of cities, planners are turning a blind eye to the quality of the built environment

GARBAGE strewn all around... green pastures for flies ... long queues with containers at the tubewells --- and a sea of humanity crawling out of shanties to go about their daily routines. This

DESPITE India being a country with an ancient tradition of building houses which used little energy in construction and maintenance, the majority of our government housing and construction

This paper outlines a research proposal for a series of investigations into aspects of urban housing which it seems important to understand before formulating an enlarged public housing programme. Studies in the areas outlined here are either scanty or non-existent.

Low-carbon, high-density, mixed land use - Delhi gets set to experiment with its new housing model called Transit Oriented Development. Does it have the potential to uplift the quality of life in the capital? Experts give us the thumbs up or down? Find out.

Traditionally most urban areas in the country have grown out of rural settlements. Land use changes and population growth have precipitated urbanization in a lot of rural centres. Urbanization also

The Maharashtra government wants to redevelop Dharavi, Mumbai s sprawling slum. But its plan has not taken into account the fact that people not only live but also work in this settlement, something they will not be able to do in the new Dharavi.